Established in 2015, LoanCompare leverages technology to make your Home Loan application easier than it's ever been before! Powered by MortgageMax, we leverage off long established relationships with SA's largest banks to negotiate the best offers for you.

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Ready to submit an application? With LoanCompare, your full Home Loan application is completed online. Should you get stuck anywhere, we’re standing by to assist. After successful submission of your application, all bank offers are presented for full transparency.

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Looking for your dream home but first want to know how likely you are to qualify for finance and what loan amount you can afford? We’ve got you covered. Perform a pre-qualification now and receive your FREE certificate and credit report instantly.

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How LoanCompare Works

View our quick video for an easy illustration of the home loan application process.


4-Step Process

Step 1: Collect Documents

You will need the following documentation readily available on your device:

  • Offer to purchase
  • Copy of ID
  • 3 months' payslips
  • 3 months' bank statements

Why Choose Loancompare

We enable you to submit your entire home loan application online. Anytime. Anywhere.
We designed the most efficient application to make your experience as simple as possible.
We keep you informed all the way.
We offer full transparency. You see all offers online and select what's best for you.
If you get stuck anywhere, we're standing by to assist via LiveChat or email. Whichever you prefer.
It's FREE!

Customer Testimonials

This is the second house I've financed. The previous time (3 years ago) I had to physically complete many forms, email multiple documents to three different people, and complete some more forms. At the end of which, I still don’t know if all banks even received my application. I came across LoanCompare this time and decided to give them a try. What a pleasant surprise! Seamless process, great customer service! Everything online and easy - Joshua Fourie


My husband and I found LoanCompare online and decided to use it when we applied for our home loan. This was the second time we applied for a home loan (the first time was many years ago) and it was so much easier than before. The response time was very fast, we received 3 offers within a week - Pete Brown


I used LoanCompare's website to apply for a home loan and the entire process was seamless. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking at buying a house. The customer service was also really great! - Brendon Naidoo


I would definitely recommend LoanCompare to people who need to buy a House. Quick and easy and you don't need to be too 'tech-savvy' to use the online application - James Kruger