Looking for your dream home, but first want to know how likely you are to qualify for finance and what loan amount you can afford? We’ve got you covered.

Perform a pre-qualification now and receive your FREE certificate and credit report instantly.


Our aim is to make the process as efficient and transparent as possible, and thereby delivering an exceptional user experience.

The pre-qualification process is currently only applicable as follows:
  • With reference to ordinary home loans (not vacant land, building loans or further advances)
  • Main applicants must be full-time employed
  • Applicants must be South-African citizens


The pre-qualification certificate provides an indication of your likelihood of qualifying for finance. It is a robust process that assesses your current credit profile at the bureau; and provides invaluable information to assist in your decision making process. It is however not a guarantee of finance. Once you have signed an Offer to Purchase, you have to formally apply for a home loan.

Your credit approval and the amount qualified for will depend on:
  • your credit profile at the time
  • your income and expenses
  • property specific factors
  • banks' internal risk criteria, which could change from time to time