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Buying your dream home is a fulfilling process. Arranging the finance is stressful, though. Your home loan is a long term commitment, typically financed over 20 years.

This means you have to do your research to ensure you get the best possible offer. A small difference in interest rate makes a substantial difference over the life of the loan. See our calculators to get a feel for the impact.

To do a comparison will require you to submit a full application at each bank, submit supporting documents multiple times and be in contact with multiple people. That's tiring just thinking about it!

Fortunately, with us you only have to do this once!

We're also the only place where you can complete your full application entirely online and get multiple offers. Which also means no errors in trying to decipher your 'unique' handwriting.

We've designed our application to make the process as seamless as possible, whilst capturing all of the information required by each of the banks. We don't ask the same thing twice, and we don't ask for information we can derive.

We keep you automatically updated throughout the process, based on your preferred communication method.

If you get stuck anywhere, we're standing by to assist via LiveChat or . Whichever you prefer.

And best of all - it's FREE.


  • We enable you to submit your entire home loan application online. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • We've designed the most efficient application to make your experience as simple as possible.
  • We keep you informed all the way, based on your preferences.
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